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Intime Taxes is firm established by a group of Qualified Professionals consisting of CPAs, EAs and CAs with the Sole aim of providing Finest Quality Service to its Esteemed Clients. It is the brain child of few Individuals who have come together with a vision to mark a difference in the Financial World. It caters to the financial services requirement with in the USA and India.

There are many Companies in the market catering to the financial needs of customers. They do what the customer asks for and on receiving such Service, even the customer gets satisfied. But here we need to remember one thing – Any Financial Transaction that we do is nothing but spending our hard money and hence it is very important for everyone to think twice on whether it is worth to entire into such transaction.

As we all know, a particular thing can be done in many ways and so do financial transaction. Let’s take an instance of Filing a Tax Return; a customer approaches a Service Provider and asks to file a Tax Return and accordingly the Service Provider prepares and files the Tax Return.

On completion of filing, the customer gets satisfied. But, here we need to understand as to how the Tax Return is prepared. One can just add all incomes, claim generally allowed deductions and can arrive at Tax Liability or Refund. If it is a Refund, the customer will get money and if it’s Tax Liability, the customer needs to shell out some money. Though the customer’s requirement is taken care, it could have been done more effectively and efficiently by applying certain Optimized Tax Planning Programs which shall result in more Refund amount or less Tax Liability.

Here comes the significance of Intime Taxes. We not only fulfill the financial requirement of our clients but also do it effectively and efficiently. We understand the importance of our clients and always try to give our Best to the Services. We treat every customer as our first customer and serve with special care and attention. Our slogan – “Accurate, Accredited, Affordable”.

The strength of Intime Taxes lies in its team of Qualified and Trained professionals who treasure the value of diligence and knowledge in addressing the client’s needs. We offer our clients the benefit of Knowledge, based on our experience and extensive research on various Financial and Statutory matters.